May Be Surprised at How Equity Rich You Really Are.

Significant Equity

37 % of homeowners believe they have 20% equity in their home, but the reality is 74% actually have 20% equity in their home!

If you are thinking of selling (which is about a quarter of homeowners) but have not made the move because you feel you are not in a position to, then think again.

Please contact me today if you would like an Equity Analysis Report. Myself and my trusted Realtor partners can provide a detailed report that will compare not only your estimated equity but also your future home purchasing power.

Now could be the perfect time to move-up in home size.  In 2 years’ time rates can increase. If rates were to increase 2% the same home you could have bought today might cost you considerably more a month in mortgage payments!!

Emma Butler –  Sr. Mortgage Adviser  312.208.3987


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