About Emma Butler – Butler Group

A Little Background on me:

Emma headshot

I grow up in Ireland and moved to Chicago in 2003 I did not come here for school or anything in particular, just an adventure and have been here ever since. My family still resides in Ireland and I enjoy having visitors frequently ( mostly in the summer, smart) and traveling home when possible.

I am a senior mortgage professional located in downtown Chicago.  I have been in the Mortgage Business since 2005. Prior to this I worked in the I.T. industry having graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Systems in Ireland.

My mission is to deliver an exceptional lending experience, while educating my clients and providing them with financing solutions that will fit their needs. One of my key strengths is problem solving, which allows me to make difficult financing scenarios a possibility.

I strive to develop long lasting professional and personal relationships with my clients and as a result I am able to better assist them through many major life changes. I want my clients and business partners to consider me as a trusted resource that they can always turn to.

Being technologically savvy enables my clients to benefit in this market with the best tools that provide clear advice, simple charts, and detailed options. Ensuring the right loan choice is always clear.

I have an amazing team at Neighborhood Loans that will guide you through the process.

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